Your Discovery Call

Hey, congratulations on booking a Discovery Call and being an action taker, I’ve just laid out this site for you to answer any questions you may have around the call, what happens and what we do. Check out the quick video below and the other info on this page and you’ll have everything you need to know…

Your time is precious
(and so is mine)

Just a quick bit of housekeeping before our call so that we can get the best out of it.

Please make sure…

You have this time booked out and you’re somewhere quiet where we can focus on you and your goals

If there is anyone else involved in the decision process of investing in your fitness coaching please make sure they are on the call

You come to the call preloaded with questions. I want you to get the most out of the call as possible!

The call is on Zoom, make sure you have the app installed before the video call

What can you expect?

So what is the call?

Don’t worry there’s no pressure or stress, I’m not a fan of it and I’m sure you aren’t either.

In short, we are going to talk about your fitness goals, where you currently are at with your training and nutrition, see if we can find some areas you currently struggle with (e.g. You don’t know what to do with your diet, or you feel a bit clueless in the gym, maybe you need accountability), and find solutions to those problems.


The coaching from Jack has been top-notch. There was a clear empathises placed on not only improving body composition but also performance in the gym. Nutrition was set out with an empathise on sustainability and the recipes didn’t taste like you were dieting down at all. A great mix of both knowledge and experience were key to the results I got.


Our very own Jack’s 2nd transformation:

“ I had tried overly strict diets in the past, killing myself in the gym 2 times a day, and as much as I enjoy fitness and training, it was too restrictive. I began to lose my social life to it, so I wanted to create a plan that allows flexibility around food and allows you to get to your goals, but also learn how to sustain them. After road testing it myself and figuring out the kinks I’m very happy with where the programmes are now, and helping people get to their goals!

Giving you a game plan

We will then run through how Online Coaching works, the Rival App, Community and Membership sites.

Then if you like what you hear, amazing! We can get the ball rolling..
If not, no stress, I’ve got thick skin and I can take it, there’s no hard feelings and you at least have a better idea and Plan of Action for your fitness goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the diet overly restrictive?

Nope! Trust me I have been on very strict diets before of broccoli, chicken, and rice, they suck! That’s why I wanted to create a plan which allows people to enjoy the food you love! At first we put you onto a nutrition plan which is tailored to you and the foods you like… As we progress and you learn more around your nutrition we will slowly transition to a point where you have even more flexibility around your food… I’ll cover this in more detail on the call

I haven’t ever been to a gym before, is that a problem?

All of our plans are designed around you and your capabilities so whatever level you are at, we go at the pace which is best for you.

Am I committing to anything with this call?

Nope, we cover your goals and how you can get there, and give you a Plan of Action. If you like what you hear and you’d like to hire us to coach you, great! If you’re not sure then no worries or hard feelings, and you still have your Plan of Action.

How soon until I start to see results?

In general people tend to see results within the first 1-2 months, with them getting better and better beyond that point, fitness is a change for the better and the results get better with time. As long as you’re committed to yourself then the results will start coming very soon. It all depends on your goals and needs.

I have dietary preferences. Is this a problem?

Whatever your dietary preference or needs we can work around them. We have worked with people who have allergies and intolerances or prefer a specific diet (e.g. Vegan, Pescatarian etc..)

How much support do I get?

As part of your plan you get weekly check-ins with your coach, as well a midweek touch point to help keep you on track. You have access to coaches support at any time you need it via the app as well as the support from the private community group. Ask as many questions as you want or need throughout the week..

If you have any other questions then feel free to drop us a message on Instagram


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