Calories: Going Overboard

by | Mar 17, 2021

Going overboard with calorie when in a fat loss phase


Regularly miss-tracking foods

Let’s say you have 150ml of milk in your breakfast every day. You’ve eyeballed it, but in reality this is actually 300ml. Easy mistake. Humans are rubbish at guesstimating quantities, but this creates a problem. That 150ml you’ve tracked at 75 Kcals, is actually double the amount. Over the week thats 525 Kcals a week extra. If you’re doing it with milk, what else could you be miss-tracking, consistent small errors can add up quickly. It’s the compound effect, just like how positive actions can compound with a big effect. You could mistakingly be consuming thousands of extra calories a week without even noticing it.

Now if Im honest I don’t weight everything I consume, but I have been doing this for years. Your skills and ability to estimate becomes a lot clearer over practicing it. I will always measure chicken, fish, rice, pasta, peanut butter etc.. but I usually eyeball things like Jam for example. It not as calorie dense so if Im off by 2-3g it wont blow me out the water, but I also know the 20g I programmed myself is about 1 large tablespoon of it. Same with veg, I know how much 100g is but I know if I go over by 10-15g It’s not calorie dense, and therefore even if I did it consistently, Im adding very little cals to my intake.\

Practice, test yourself, then when confident eyeball. The more guesswork there is, the more ambiguity there is with your results.

Not tracking weekends

Just because you aren’t working on the weekend it’s still a day of the week. Calories Count even on Saturdays and Sundays. Still track on weekends, even if you consume foods you personally wouldn’t consider healthy, still track it and fit it to your macros, like I mentioned before, we are awful at estimating, especially with something as difficult as calories, if you’re being inconsistent with your intake and leaving your intake up to guess work for half the week, you can expect inconsistent results.

Plan ahead! If you know you’re out for a meal, can you make a smart restaurant choice, can you look at the menu before, track similar foods if they don’t offer a calorie breakdown (Most chains do, google “*Restaurant name* Nutrition Guide”). If you plan ahead for your weekend and log things like meals out early, you know how many calories you have left.


There are days you will be at a social occasion and probably drinking alcohol. This is fine, in-fact I think having a balance with your diet is important. But alcohol consumptions extremely easily to push you out of your deficit, lots of liquid calories, loss of inhibitions, unclear memory, likelihood of over-consuming food after drinking. If you’re drinking on the weekend, firstly, is there smart swaps you can make?

Vodka, Soda/Diet mixer instead of Beer or a cocktail?

This cuts out loads of calories. Then track it early, instead of tracking through the night, either accept it could blow your progress off for the week a bit, or budget yourself X amount of drinks. Space them over the night.


It’s very normal to consume more cals on one day compared to another, and the best advice is to hit your average daily cals. If you have 2250 Kcals to hit a day, and you consume more one day or know you have an event coming up, then borrow calories from other days. As long as you hit your average daily intake for the week, you will be fine. Another way to do it is work out your weekly calories and just aim to hit that..

2250 Kcals/ day           X             7 days            =           15,750 Kcals / week

All you have to do in this scenario is just keep a note of your calories and hit the total calories for the week.

Go over calories today? No problem, just have a little less tomorrow, or borrow half as much from 2 days. You can split it up however you want.

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