Off-Plan Eating

by | Mar 19, 2021

Finding balance in life and fitness is the ultimate goal. Reaching your dream physique, feeling more confident, being stronger and more athletic, all while balancing the social aspects of life is the sweet spot.
Of course with any goals there is a level of sacrifice in there, and if you’re not willing to make some sacrifices then your goals becomes the sacrifice.

As you may all know my main aim is to give you guys the tools you need to balance both sides and achieve your goals. In the above video I have covered 3 topics which I will detail briefly below:

Meals out

Likely the most common social occasion where people start to stress out is when they have to go out for a meal. Eating is inherently social for every culture around the world, it brings us closer to others, and allows us to share special moments with each other. So ultimately if we can learn to balance meals out with our loved ones and hitting our targets then we’re in a strong spot to progress with our fat loss and muscle building goals.

Tools at your disposal (If you go out regularly):

  • Make Smart choices. Pick restaurants that will support your goal, and make decisions around food which are going to hit your targets. For example, a Nando’s makes it easy to hit your protein goals, it’s relatively clean food and doesn’t pull you away from other people… everyone loves a Nando’s
  • Log your meal ahead of time; If you know you’re eating a meal out on the evening, check the menu ahead, most chain restaurants have all their calories and macros online, and if not log something similar. This means you have already subtracted any calories you will be consuming from your day and all you have to do is your normal eating routine up until your meal out
  • Borrow Calories, in the video Calories: Going Overboard I talk about how you can borrow calories for other parts of the week to hit your targets. The best way to do this is try and figure out how many calories you will be over by, and then borrow some from earlier in the week. It might look like this:Lets say you have 2200 Kcals a day normally. and you know Saturday you will go over by 600 Kcals (2800 total)
    Monday:          2200 Kcals
    Tuesday:         2200 Kcals
    Wednesday:   2100 Kcals  (-100)
    Thursday:       2100 Kcals  (-100)
    Friday:             2000 Kcals  (-200)
    Saturday:        2800 Kcals  (+600)
    Sunday:           2000 Kcals  (-200)

    By borrowing a few calories from other days you have met your total calories/average daily calories for the week. You can distribute these any way you like, all in one go, a few hundred from 2 days, 100 from every day, it’s up to you. From experience, I rather get it out the way asap.

  • A really simple one for making smart choices, is base your meal around protein, theres always usually a chicken dish, or a tofu dish, or steak and chips, not only will it help you hit your protein, but in general it’ll help you keep on top of your calories a little more


Nights out

Probably the easiest to go overboard with, but one that can be managed if needed. Now again, I must say and preface this saying alcohol is not optimal for getting your physique goals, it hinders progress, ability to train, and also recovery, all round it’s not very beneficial. Ideally cutting back on alcohol will give you the best bang for your buck. However, many social occasions include alcohol, and it’s something that can cut you out quite significantly if you cut it out. If you are someone who doesn’t drink that often the best advice is take some steps and then don’t stress over it, however if nights out are a big thing for you there may be a need to cut back, at the end of the day there’s a limit of calories you can consume, and an effect those calories have on your body, if you consume loads at the weekend, you will either be eating like a pauper during the week or blow your budget.

Tools at your disposal (If you go out regularly):

  • Calories from alcohol are still calories, tracking them will be a leg up straight away
  • Planning ahead. Again here this is vital to get on top of the liquid calories. My favourite approach is to choose a number of drinks, and one type, and then keep a tally in your notes, at least that way you can track it into your tracker easily.
  • Avoid the post-night out takeaway; You don’t want to be consuming thousands of calories on-top of all the additional calories you’ve consumed
  • Borrow calories from earlier in the week
  • Get your training in, if you’re going to do calorie damage, at least try mitigate it a little
  • Make smart booze choices; White spirits and diet mixers tend to be a lot lower in calories than other drinks like beer and cocktails. You can drastically cut into your calorie intake just off that one swap alone


With holidays I stress this heavily in the video, unless you have a specific date you HAVE to be in a certain shape for, then I would enjoy the week off. Now some people enjoy exercising and actually it helps them relax, so the following tools are for anyone with a specific need to get in a certain shape after a holiday, or if you don’t want to fully dial back on your efforts.

In most cases the best course of action is to enjoy the week and relax, it can actually do you a lot of good, and realistically you won’t be gaining a tonne of fat in a week off

  • Planning ahead. Broken record here, where can you plan ahead? if you want total control it can be down to booking an apartment and cooking yourself, on the looser end it’s just about making smart choices and the breakfast bar and picking lower calorie drinks.
  • Stay relatively active, can you walk instead of getting a taxi?, rent a bike?, swim some lengths every now and then between your sunbathing? Just move a little
  • If you’re like me you will want to exercise. So if you want to, go do it. If you don’t… don’t
  • Enjoy the holiday!
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